Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my bathtub art products going to stain my bath tub?

    In some cases, if a bathtub or bath wall is older or has porous surfaces, staining can occur. We recommend testing all of our bathtub art products on an inconspicuous area prior to use.If you have encountered staining from any of our bathtub art products we recommend using an old toothbrush and dish soap, baking soda or vinegar on the spot, rubbing it gently in a circular motion.If the spot persists, a more abrasive cleaning product such as bleach or rubbing alcohol can be attempted.

  • Can I clean my bath poufs so that I can keep using them?

    Hand wash poufs in lukewarm water with soap and rinse well. Allow to dry and repeat every few days.

  • I don't see a Funcare product listed on your website. How do I find out more information about your other products?

    The Funcare team is always busy developing new and exciting products for holiday and promotional programs that are not listed on our website. From princess castles, to bubble bath decanters shaped like cars, we have a vast assortment of products for kids - so vast that we can’t possibly list them all! If you want to learn more about these products or find out where to buy them please feel free to contact our friendly Marketing team through the contact form.

For any other questions, get in touch!